About Us

I worked for leading financial institutions on Wall Street for over 7 years and my job remained the same; making other people wealthier while my income remained the same. My life changed when I met a technical guru at a leading conference. Over drinks, he excitedly explained to me the profit potential of Bitcoin and he also showed me the algorithm he had been working on. It was at that point that we both understood that if we put our experience and knowledge together, we would be able to develop a powerful and effective trading tool that would enable anyone to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies profitably.

I resigned from my job that week, despite protests from my wife, and I worked with my new partner, day and night, to finetune the trading algorithm. I explained to him the various factors that we take into account when analyzing the markets as well as the other factors that could impact market movements. We looked at existing software and spent months finding ways to improve existing algorithms and solutions.

After months of trials and many tests in a live trading environment, the Btrade signal pro Software was born.

The Power of Btrade signal pro Software

This software has been designed to scan and analyze the financial markets and to find potentially profitable trading opportunities. It does this by comparing huge amounts of historical market data and comparing it to existing market conditions. By applying technical analysis, the software takes into account almost every factor that is likely to impact the prices of Bitcoin and other cryptos. To top it off, with its advanced technology, the software operates ahead of the markets. It is this ‘time leap’ that has made Btrade signal pro Software the most consistent trading app in the market. With the power of knowing in which direction the market will move even before it makes its move, Btrade signal pro Software users have the benefit of entering trades that will end successfully. The result is real profits which are made in a very short space of time.

The Evolution of Btrade signal pro Software

In our updated and upgraded version of the Btrade signal pro Software software, we have ensured that we have taken every element of online trading into consideration.


The first element is analysis. This is the key to online trading. You need to understand the markets and know in which direction they will move in order to trade profitably. Since we understand the experience and hours that are required to analyze the markets accurately, we made sure that the Btrade signal pro Software software does all the analysis work for you – and it does it really well.


The next element we worked on was ensuring the Btrade signal pro Software software was automated. We understand that not everyone has hours to spend watching the markets and so we wanted to ensure that our software solution was designed to trade on behalf of the user at any time of the day or night, even without any human intervention. The Btrade signal pro Software software will open and close trades on behalf of the user as soon as the trading parameters are met. Our users can even be sitting on the beach, and the Btrade signal pro Software will trade and make money on their behalf.


As a financial analyst who worked with clients for many years, I fully understand that no two traders are the same. Each one has their own trading styles, needs, skills and preferences. Based on this, the Btrade signal pro Software software allows the user to customize and set the trading parameters to meet their trading needs. Btrade signal pro Software will then trade based only on these set trading parameters, which even includes the risk level and preferred strategy of the user.

Free of Charge

We could charge people for using the Btrade signal pro Software software but the truth is, we have watched so many undeserving people make loads of money, that we decided to it was our turn to give back. You can sign up and join the Btrade signal pro Software family for free and there are no hidden costs or fees. To top it off, we have made sure you can access your money and profits at any time, hassle-free.

The Future

While the latest, upgraded version of the Btrade signal pro Software software is already making a lot of people wealthier, every day, we continue to work on improving and tweaking the algorithm and the customization. We are driven to ensuring that our software is the best in the market and that it serves everyone, even new and inexperienced traders.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Btrade signal pro Software family and to hearing about your trading success. It is your success stories that drive us to achieve more for our users.

Happy Trading and Welcome to the Btrade signal pro Software Family!